Haulers using a Portalogic station, by EleMech.
A hauler uses a Portalogic waste dump station, which collects data about the load and syncs with Portalogic Management Software.

Transported Water & Waste
Can Be Filled With Challenges.

Portalogic is the solution you need.

Receiving waste into your facility and dispensing water out to haulers are processes that require critical attention. Without a proper solution in place they can become clogged by data entry, or slowed by monitoring hauler loads — and tracking accounts and billing can be time-consuming. Portalogic is the hardware and software solution you need to automate these processes and increase your revenue.

Portalogic Features

Portalogic automates data collection from your waste dump and water filling stations and brings it to the comfort of your office.

Portalogic Management Software

Manage all of your stations from the comfort of your office. We'll install Portalogic on any number of PCs.

  • Activate or deactivate truck privileges, view station usage, and set station hours
  • Automatically syncs with stations, storing transaction details in real time
  • Set up new customer accounts on a credit or debit basis and automatically calculate balances
  • Generate and export activity reports, revenue reports, and customer billing statements
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The Portalogic DS-200 waste dump station is one of many Portalogic models, and all can be customized to meet your needs.

Portalogic Stations

We tailor all of our models to meet your specific needs. Our customization options make Portalogic stations ideal for any location, including curbside and unattended sites.

  • Haulers can access stations using many secure methods, including swipe card, proximity card, PIN number, and more
  • Stations are durable — stainless steel, lockable doors, tamper-proof card readers and keypads, optional air-conditioning or heating for extreme climates
  • Display prompts guide haulers through transaction, making them simple to use
  • Stations seemlessly integrate with existing equipment such as flow meters and valves
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